MAY 24th 2015

Night Gallery: BMW 'Batmobiles', Capris, Vitesses, Camaros... The Heritage Touring Cup Pack at Eau Rouge

Spa-Francorchamps, the very name brings a tingle to the spine and stands neckhair to attention, add some growling Heritage Touring Cup racers and it gets even more exciting. Now hold that event at night.


The Spa Classic has made a lasting impression on all of us at GRR, and the final race on Saturday night for 1980s touring cars cemented our wish to return to this mystical place.

The hour-long race didn’t kick off until the Ardennes forest was completely swathed in black, and, as the headlights pierced their way through the steep climbs and drops of Spa, it was Members’ Meeting star Chris Ward who clinched victory by over 30 seconds in his JD Classics prepared Ford Capri.

Photography by Jochen Van Cauwenberge

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