JUL 25th 2015

Gallery: '90s GT Legends at Silverstone Classic

There are many attractions in the Silverstone Classic’s paddocks,  and one we were immediately drawn to were the cars for the ’90s GT Legends grid. Most prominent was the D2 Privat liveried Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR, and next to that the EMI McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail that was one of our Goodwood Greats.

90s GT Koenigsegg Promo

You could get up close and personal with both, as well as the rest of the paddock. We particularly enjoyed seeing some cars that don’t have such big names as McLaren and Mercedes-Benz. Morgan’s precursor to the Aero 8 was there, as were a pair of Lister Storms and a Harrier

Other highlights? A Prodrive Ferrari 550, a Honda NSX and a plentiful line-up of Porsche 911 993s.

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