AUG 17th 2015

Video ‑ the world's fastest race

With the Goodwood Revival barely the blink of an eye away we at GRR have been scouring the archives for footage that might go with some of our race previews, as brilliantly written by our own Bob Murray.

Mercedes_300_SLS_Promo Brooklands race

While searching the always incredible Pathe archives we discovered this short clip of the incredible 1933 British Empire Trophy race at the much missed Brooklands circuit.

With many cars that would have taken part in races on those famous banks heading to West Sussex in a few weeks time we thought it apt that we share this brilliant footage with you now.

This wasn’t just any Brooklands race, and we’re not sure any event at the iconic circuit was ‘just a race’, in fact this was the fastest race the world had ever seen. The winner, Count Stanisław Czaykowski’s Bugatti, averaged a stunning 123mph around the bumpy banking.

The Empire Trophy became one of the longest running races in motorsport history, held a total of 42 times at 10 different race tracks, right up until 2003. The 1933 edition, the second held at Brooklands, was a race for Formula Libre voiturettes.

British Empire trophy Brooklands

The brilliance of the video is not only the awesome footage, but the complete lack of commentary over the racing. You can’t just hear the roar of those pre-war engines, but also the howls of surrender by tyres tortured by lap after lap pounding the concrete banking.

After the racing is over you can even hear the thoughts of Count Czaykowski himself, who in a delighted voice thanks Earl Howe for inviting him and expresses his wish to return.

Sadly Count Czaykowski, who raced in two Grands Prix, would not, as he lost his life the very same year racing at Monza, aged just 34.

Want to know more about the cars? Check out our preview of the Brooklands Trophy here, and you can find out more about the Revival by clicking here.

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