FEB 04th 2016

Video: Andrew Jordan Flat‑Out In £1million Laguna

Andrew Jordan is no stranger to Goodwood – over the last few years he’s become Revival and Members’ Meeting regular. He’s also no stranger to driving a touring car at Goodwood. What he had never done before was drive a million-pound Super Touring legend here. Time to fulfill that lifelong dream…

BMW M1 Procar F1 promo Andrew Jordan BTCC Laguna

We invited Andrew down to Goodwood to play with some of the greatest touring cars of all time in preparation for the incredible Super Touring demo that’s coming up at the 74th Members’ Meeting next month.

You can see the full results of that day in this video, but first enjoy a lap of our track with Andrew as he ventures out onto what was still rather wet tarmac. Fortunately the John Aldington Trophy winner from the 73rd Members’ Meeting is no slouch, and certainly isn’t afraid of a little water, so he was absolutely ‘on it’ from the moment he leaves the pits.

The 74th Members’ Meeting will feature incredible high-speed demos by the Super Touring cars on both days ,as well as ground effect F1 cars and mighty Group 5 sportscars. You can find out more by clicking here.

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