MAR 04th 2016

Video – You Have To Listen To This Renault 5 Turbo Growl

Could there be a more evocative small car than Renault’s incredible 5 Turbo? Perhaps this is one, its Jean Ragnotti‘s rallying Turbo in which he won the 1981 Monte Carlo Rally, and which he set out to tackle the Monte Carlo Historique in back in February.

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Sadly Ragnotti’s challenge came to an end early on due to a medical issue, causing the Festival of Speed legend (you can see his incredible demonstration of doughnut supremacy here) to pull out of the rally before it really got under way.

Thankfully the stunning Turbo was able to make its way to Monte Carlo, where we recorded this short, but glorious, clip of the car as it idled by the stunning Monaco waterfront. What could be better on a Friday evening than just listening to that mind-mounted flat-four growl?

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