Video: Is this Jaguar XK120 the ultimate driver's car?

07th June 2017
Ethan Jupp

Some cars are destined to sit pretty, polished, preened and on a tender for the majority of their lives. They’re assets and exhibits to their owners: little other than a panel-beaten four-wheeled investment. 

Other cars are born to be driven. Take this Jaguar XK120 that owner Chris Keith-Lucas was giving a good run at this year’s GRRC Spring Sprint. XK120’s a big name. One even the most casual of car enthusiasts will know, and possibly assume is better suited as an ornament, but this Jag' is a driver’s car. Chris said “it just gets used and used and used”. Watch, in the video above, as Chris takes us through his Sprint weapon. It’s far from standard, but it’s everything he as a driver needs it to be. We admire that hugely. Sounds good too...

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