Race, Historic
DEC 01st 2020

Damien Smith

The history of F1: the 2000s

This wasn’t the Ferrari we’d always known. After the magic and the triumph, where was the self-induced downfall brought about by infighting and dark politics? Juan Manuel Fangio couldn’t stand it back in 1956, John Surtees lost his rag and walked 10 years later, and Niki Lauda’s sense of betrayal a decade after that broke one of Ferrari’s most effective partnerships. But as the millennium turned, a dozen years after Enzo Ferrari’s death and in the wake of two decades of misfires and wasted opportunities, a new Scuderia was forged; not in the image of the Old Man, but instead wrought from a truly international mix of engineering talent and spearheaded by a German meister primed to smash through the records. Ferrari was now an efficient winning machine – almost unrecognisable from its gloriously flawed past.

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