Race, Historic
Updated: JAN 31st 2023

Simon Ostler

Our eight favourite F1 backmarkers

Would it be an inaccurate statement to say that a majority of F1 fans are more interested in the fight for the win than they are about the battle at the back? We don’t think so. And even if you were tuning in just to watch the least competitive cars trundle round at the back, you wouldn’t be able to because they don’t tend to get a look in with the TV directors. It’s fair enough. The winners are the only thing that matter in sport.

That being said, there have been a great number of relatively unsuccessful teams in F1 over the years that have endeared themselves to us. Even though they may have never won a race, or even scored a point at a Formula 1 grand prix, they’ve become cult heroes among spectators. Whether it’s for their undying tenacity, the charisma of the team and its drivers, or the livery that they race in, there are some F1 backmarkers that we have simply adored.


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