Video: Qualifying a Ford GT40 at Spa takes astonishing skill

28th July 2023
Simon Ostler

Formula 1 rolls into Spa this weekend for the Belgian Grand Prix, and even in pretty soggy conditions the modern cars iron out a lot of what makes this circuit such a monumental challenge. So we thought it would be nice to take a look at what it’s like to drive on this titanic track in a car without innumerable levels of downforce.

We’re riding onboard a Ford GT40 as the driver embarks on a qualifying lap. First things first, good grief does it sound good. That V8 roar is to die for as it thunders down the start/finish straight towards La Source. We power slide out of the hairpin and storm down the Hill, Ear Rouge looming in the distance.

Watching Formula 1, it can be so easy to forget just what a challenge the climb through Eau Rouge over the top of the Raidillon is. An enormous lift off the throttle is a necessity, as the driver saws away at the wheel to keep the car between the curbs at what is still incredibly high speed.

Open up the engine again down the Kemmel Straight, and into the rest of the lap, slipping and sliding through each and every corner. If you needed reminding why Spa is such a special place, watch this video to the end.

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