OCT 06th 2014

McLaren 650S GT3 to debut in Gulf 12‑hour... and it's still a work‑in‑progress

McLaren 650S GT3

Final development of the McLaren 650S GT3 will take place in the very public arena of the Gulf 12-hour race at Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi, in December. McLaren has used this season for testing before the first customer deliveries take place next year… and if anything will flush out problems, it’s an endurance race in very high ambient temperatures.

The Gulf 12-hour takes the unusual format of two six-hour stints, with a two and a half hour gap between them. And the reason it’s not a 24-hour race? Because Yas Marina has an agreement with neighbouring hotels not to make noise at night. The second part of the race finishes at 11.30pm. Assuming the hotels were built around the same time as the circuit, that seems more fair than those who move in next to an established venue and then complain about the noise…

The race-only 650S GT3 is a customer-focused product, with an emphasis on driver engagement. How much of a test will Abu Dhabi be?  We can only assume McLaren is confident in what it has done so far. Customers will be watching…

McLaren 650S GT3

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