OCT 21st 2014

Video: Mad Mike Whiddett burns up the Crown Range Road

We’ve been a little distracted in the Goodwood Road & Racing office so far this morning. Whilst watching a few FOS 2014 highlights we’ve been led back to ‘Mad’ Mike’s brilliant, cinematic drifting film from Crown Range, New Zealand…

‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett skidded straight into Goodwood history by winning the award for ‘most entertaining driver’ of FOS 2014 thanks to his incredible driving style, honed in drifting championships. The display of driving skill in this little video is arguably even more impressive given that it’s being contained by the ditches, trees and cliff faces that line Crown Range road.

If the drifting doesn’t spin your gears then the mix of stunning scenery, cinematography and that piercing, rotary-engined scream will. It all adds up to a video that’s already a classic, despite being a year old.

‘Mad’ Mike is currently busy building ‘Radbull’ – a 1200bhp, rotary powered Mazda MX-5 for the upcoming drifting season. We reckon Radbull deserves a crack at the Goodwood Hillclimb for 2015…

Have you set aside the date yet? Check Festival of Speed 2015 dates here.

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