NOV 06th 2014

On Track Today: Porsches Galore!

Robert Barrie Porsches at Goodwood

As the early morning sun burned-off the biting frost at the Goodwood circuit, the GRR team in Hangar 8 were treated to the unmistakable sounds of Porsche flat-sixes warming up in the paddock. 

Robert Barrie Porsches at Goodwood

With the track cleared for use, said Porsches ventured out on to our hallowed piece of West Sussex blacktop and the harmonious tones of Stuttgart’s finest were soon emanating from all four points of the circuit at full chat.

DSC_1477 Porsche 911 on track racing testing 06112014

We’ve seen a good selection of early 2.0 911s getting in some track time ahead of the dedicated 911 race at next year’s 73rd Members’ Meeting (and probably hoping to catch the eye of the Competitions department!), as well as the odd Jaguar E-Type and C-Type, Lotus Elan and even a BMW 3.0Si for good measure.

Robert Barrie Porsches at Goodwood

All were here for a track day organised by Porsche Specialist Robert Barrie, who’s Lotus 18 Formula Junior we filmed recently for a ‘Firing on…‘ video.

In fact, there was so much delectable Porsche fodder around that it would have been a crime for us not to take advantage and collect you some more content before they all went home. Stay tuned …

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