NOV 11th 2014

Video: How to drive a 2014 BTCC Honda around Goodwood... with Andrew Jordan

‘Your line in the wet around here is determined by the puddles!’ former BTCC champion Andrew Jordan explained to me as I climbed aboard the very Honda Civic he’s been racing in this season’s British Touring Car Championship. After giving away my age by explaining that I used to race in the same series as his father, Mike, Andrew took a sip of Red Bull from the cup holder next to the instrument panel (no, seriously …), put on his lid and we were off.


I marveled at the level of grip and how we were covering ground very quickly even though Andrew didn’t seem to be trying hard. The front tyres and brakes simply didn’t seem to know or care that it was wet, and he was braking so, so late … I hope that comes across in the footage because of all the aspects of the car’s performance, the way it managed to scrub off speed as if it were dry was the most impressive.

As I got out of the car I asked Andrew which was more fun, the Civic, or the A40 he drove with his father at the Revival. ‘The A40!’ was his instant reply. Good lad. 

Photo: Nicole Hains 

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