APR 17th 2014

On Track Today: historic Jaguars put a spring in our step (17/04)

The arrival in the paddock of an articulated lorry emblazoned with a CKL Developments logo means only one thing… we’re going to be treated to a circuit full of classic Jaguars for the day. Most of the cars present are being prepared for one major historic event or another, and there are some non-Jaguars here today too – notably, CKL looks after a very special Allard J2. Keep scrolling to see it!

Alongside the racing cars are a number of road-going Jaguars from the XK and E-type clubs that have been invited to the track. In all, it makes for a great mix of glinting chrome, BRG paint and straight six sound. We couldn’t resist sneaking out of the office to take a stroll round the paddock.

Jaguar C-type: Hans Martin Schreeberger

Hans Martin Schreeberger 8744 copy

Hans Martin Schreeber is quite clear on what it takes for a car to appeal to him: history and originality. He bought his C-type around two years ago and today’s outing on the circuit is its first since CKL recently completed the restoration. “The rule of engagement was for the patina to be retained absolutely in tact, but the car to be perfect in terms of its handling and mechanical condition,” says Hans Martin. “That’s exactly what they did!”

When the bonnet opens, he points out that wiring is exactly as it should be and the coil packs are just so. It’s just a hint of the attention to detail that has gone into the car. It has motorsport pedigree, too. In 1952 it was raced in the Sports Car Championship of America. A fire destroyed the bonnet and part of the bulkhead in 1953, and the period replacements remain with the car today. Hans Martin’s year for 2014 is too busy for any racing, but he plans to compete with the car next year.

This is not his only historic Jaguar. He also owns one of the three XK120s Jaguar built for racing in 1950, and Hans Martin has competed with it at the Le Mans Classic. It was the success of those cars at the Le Mans 24-hour in period that led to Jaguar designing the C-type.

Jaguar C-type 8747 copy

Jaguar XK140: Peter Johns

Jaguar XK140 Peter Johns 8716 copy

Peter Johns was filling out a rather detailed form when we caught up with him to chat about his Dove Grey Jaguar XK140. He keeps a detailed log of the miles covered in order to keep on top of replacing consumables and other wearing parts. Halfshafts are good for 1000 miles, apparently, a lesson he learned when one failed and the Jag became a three-wheeler at Spa.

Peter bought his car in 2002 in order to compete in the very first running of the Le Mans Classic, and he has raced at every one since. He has also competed at Goodwood, most recently at the 72nd Members’ Meeting.

The car was originally exported to the United States and began its racing career in 1985. It was then that the car acquired its typically-American Cunningham stripes. In most other respects, the car is as it left the Jaguar factory with an FIA spec 3.4-litre engine and drum brakes all-round. “Today is just a play day,” says  Goodwood local Peter. “It only needs new tyres and it will be ready for this year’s Le Mans Classic.”

Jaguar XK140 8706 copy

C-type and low-drag E-type: Ecurie Ecosse

Jaguar C-type 8713 copy

While their owners couldn’t be present today, CKL is running and preparing two cars that recently found new owners following the Ecurie Ecosse auction. The C-type is being readied for its outing at the Monaco Historique where it will be driven by Alain de Cadenet. Gearing is the focus of attention today; with the car unlikely to reach 110mph on the narrow streets of Monaco, maximum acceleration between the corners is the goal.

The stunning looking low-drag E-type is being shaken down by CKL director Ben Shuckburgh, and managed to look fast even when stationary in the paddock. Jaguar only built two low-drag E-types in period, and this is one of the many recreations.

Jaguar E-type low drag 8738 copy

Allard J2

Allard J2 8732 copy

This Allard J2 is also being readied for the Monaco Historique. It’s back in familiar territory having finished sixth in the Tony Gaze Trophy at last month’s 72nd Members’ Meeting. “For Allarrd buffs, it’s the car to have,” says CKL’s Chris Keith-Lucas. “It was originally owned by Sydney Allard and has lots of history.”

When we caught up with the CKL team, they were battle starting issues. Pretty soon, though, it fired into life and headed onto the circuit in order to be prepared, like the C-type above, for the Monaco Historique.

Allard J2 8726 copy

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