JUN 06th 2014

Kimi Raikkonen brings the party to FoS

If you were going to invite any current F1 driver to a party, it would be Kimi Raikkonen, right? His reputation goes before him, and his fascination with James Hunt (and the Hunt era of grand prix racing in general) are confirmation that he’s possibly more adrenaline junkie more than the typical professional athlete. He clearly loves what he does, and we love that about him. Arguably born into the wrong era, he’s as much about having fun as being, according to this year’s FoS theme, ‘Addicted to Winning’…

Which is why we’re thrilled that Kimi will be with us at the Festival of Speed this year.


Here are five moments, immortalised on YouTube, that sum up why we’re looking forward to having him at Goodwood…

1. ‘Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing’

The infamous pit radio conversation, where Kimi was being hassled by his team at the Abu Dhabi grand prix in 2012. And he did know what he was doing: he won the race. If you watch the clip to the end, beware of his language while being interviewed by David Coulthard on the podium. We did warn you!

2. A star of the future

Kimi is described as a ‘star of the future’ when he takes 10th position from Jenson Button at Australia in 2001.

3. Storming qualifying for Monaco pole in 2005

He doesn’t just play hard, he works hard too. Here’s a storming qualifying drive to secure pole at Monaco in 2005. There’s some terrific slow-motion footage of his McLaren bouncing across the kerbs towards the end of the clip.

4. Ice driving with Natalie Pinkham

Kimi is not a natural teacher, as seen here when giving Sky’s Natalie Pinkham some ice driving tuition. He more or less instructs her to do what she wants. His comment about crashes ‘happening often with women and cars’ is tongue-in-cheek and gloriously off-message from a PR point of view.

5. Stealing the lead on the last lap

A quick clip to end on. At Suzuki in 2005, Kimi passes Fisichella on the last lap to take victory.

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