JUN 16th 2014

On track today: First glance of Lamborghini Huracan on UK soil (16/06)

Well, this is a good start to the week. Our first glance of the new Lamborghini Huracan is right on our doorstep, as the manufacturer has booked the track for most of this week to show the car off to prospective customers. First thing this morning, the cars were lined up on the grid, alternating with Aventadors. You can do that sort of thing if you’re Lamborghini.

When the first drive story was filed to our office at the Huracan’s launch, we wondered whether its styling was a little sober (well, by Lamborghini’s flamboyant standards anyway). Blame over a decade of increasingly hardcore Gallardo editions for that. In the flesh, though, we can assure you that it looks every bit as aggressive and taught as you’d expect of a Lamborghini – even when parked beside its V12 big brother.

Our only problem now (and it’s one we’re not expecting great levels of sympathy for) is being distracted by the sound of Lambos blatting around the circuit for three days. They sound insane for road legal cars… at times, you could be forgiven for thinking there’s a full-blown GT3 race going on.

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