JUN 11th 2014

Vettel in a Ferrari F1 car!

There’s no denying that so far this season things aren’t quite going Sebastian Vettel’s way. He’s still clearly a class act, but after seeing the Mercedes-Benz emerge as the car-to-have, and watching a bloke called Ricciardo apparently pedalling the Red Bull car a tad faster, he’s probably hoping that the rest of the season goes a bit better for him.

If it were crossing his mind to find another team to drive for next year though, he probably wouldn’t be looking at Ferrari, given the scarlet car’s performances in this season’s championship. However, judging by his reaction to driving Gerhard Berger’s 1988 F1 car at the Red Bull Ring  ahead of the Grand Prix there on the 22nd, he might want to consider the FIA Historic Formula One Series… that is if the Ferrari F1 87-88C is eligible to race.

This video is a teaser of a much longer, in-depth film which will be out soon… or could it be more of an audition for a man who apparently harbours ambitions of driving for the famous prancing horse?

The four-time World Champion reckoned the experience of Berger’s car to be ‘pure racing. It makes you wish you could go back in time and join in.’ If results don’t get better for him he could find himself asking Google how far away we are from a functioning time machine…

See the video below.



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