JUL 25th 2014

12 ways McLaren’s new 650S GT3 beats the 12Cs racing at Spa

1_250714DSCF0610You’ll have seen the new 650S GT3 racer unveiled recently at the Festival of Speed, but it’s one thing to eyeball a racing car and quite another to get a guided tour from somebody who knows the machine inside and out.

The FoS show car – resplendent in special orange livery with 59 racing numbers that honour the McLaren F1 GTR (number 59) that won Le Mans in 1995 – is here at the 24 Hours of Spa, drawing rubber-neckers like bees around a honeypot.

McLaren GT boss Andrew Kirkaldy

It won’t actually start racing until 2015, but we asked McLaren GT’s boss Andrew Kirkaldy to take a break from the racing 12Cs here at Spa, and tell us why there’s even more to the new 650S GT3 than meets the eye.

For the full 650S GT3 story check out the captions with the gallery images above:

Photography: Jason Durston

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