JUL 26th 2014

24 Hours of Spa ‑ pre‑race grid walk gallery

As a GT3 race the 24 Hours of Spa may lack the sportscar prototype ‘big guns’ of Le Mans, but as a weekend away it lacks nothing for character.

Take the pre-race grid walkabout. It’s a slightly crazy 20 minutes before the formation lap when all the cars are wheeled, towed or driven from their pit garages to line up along the wall on track between the old pits and grandstands.

There’s a delicious cacophany of engine noise, a 5 piece jazz band and the tannoy all mixed up with the shouts and whistles of marshals trying to keep the crowds of wandering rubber-neckers (that’s us) out of harms way… until suddenly the cars are waved off around the track and the crowds melt back into the grandstands and paddock.

Check out the pictures above for a bit of race day fever …

Photography: Chris Rosamond

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