JUL 01st 2014

On Track Today: Ferrari FF Corse

Having had our ears wilfully punished by the bark of a thousand exhaust pipes at FoS, we’ve returned to the Goodwood Circuit and the unmistakable sound of high-winding Ferrari V8s pounding the hallowed blacktop.

Silverstone-based FF Corse provide servicing, storage, and preparation services for the largest fleet of Ferrari Challenge cars in the world, and today they’ve brought a selection of their client’s cars to our fast little corner of West Sussex.

On-track today we have three 458s, a 430, and a 360 all enjoying the optimum track temperatures you tend to get in this part of the world during early July. Judging by how hard they appear to be attacking the circuit, it’s seems as though they have a bet on as to who can get through a set of tyres first!

In between sessions the drivers can catch their breath in the Jackie Stewart Pavillion, where they can consider having a scale model made of their own cars, or even a faithful reproduction of an F1 steering wheel by a company called Amalgam. There are a few examples of their work on display and they look rather exquisite, wouldn’t you agree?



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