JUL 30th 2014

Swoopy new R.S.01. racer from Renaultsport teased before Moscow reveal

Renaultsport has revealed new images of the 500hp one-make racer it plans to unleash as part of the World Series by Renault programme.

The car will have a brand new category in the series next year, offering racers the chance to compete in an all-new design reportedly based on a Dallara Automobili carbon monocoque, with NISMO power driving the rear wheels via a 7-speed sequential gearbox – all in a package reportedly weighing less than 1100kgs.

With swoopy styling and lots of wing, the racing should be fast, furious and dramatic to watch. We’re promised more details from Renaultsport when the car is unveiled at the Moscow motor show on August 27th.








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