AUG 29th 2014

On Track Today: Hampshire TVR club (and friends!)

Today the circuit has been treated to the sonorous burbles and screams of TVRs from the Hampshire TVR Club.

Chimaeras (mostly 450s), Cerberas, Tuscans, and a pair of T350s topped the bill from a TVR perspective, but just in case the collective exhaust note from all those bellowing beauties wasn’t enough, they brought along a group of their non-TVR friends to play as well – which meant a pair of GT500 Mustangs, a GT40, Porsche 911, Ferrari F430, the odd BMW M3, and a Lotus Exige amongst others.

So plenty of tasty machinery then, but we must highlight one of the aforementioned T350s. The car in question is a T350T with the ‘flip’ paint whose owner acquired it when new, and since then has covered… wait for it… 240,000 miles. And no, it isn’t the original AJP motor,  however that did last a highly creditable 225,000! Not bad, eh?

You can imagine the sounds we’ve been enjoying all day… well, actually you’ll have to image them because sadly all we can do on this occasion is bring you the pictures in the gallery above!

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