AUG 19th 2014

On track today: Porsche Club GB brings Stuttgart to Sussex (19/08)

The familiar silhouette of the Porsche 911 in its various forms is the most common sight in the paddock today, thanks to a Porsche Club GB track day here at the circuit. A debate in the office about the various merits of 964, 993, 996 et al predictably ensued. As well as differing generations, there are also differing model iterations, up to and including a rather mean looking 997 GT3 RS (although we didn’t see anything as vicious as the Kremer K3 we bumped into at the Nurburgring Oldtimer…)

But let’s not forget those cars which don’t have the engine slung out behind the rear axle. Modern mid-engined machines and front-engined cars from the ’80s are also in evidence. Seeing a mix of Porsches generations together is interesting; a current Boxster, for instance, dwarfs a 964.

Take a vicarious stroll around the paddock with us in the gallery above.

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