AUG 06th 2014

On‑track today: TVR, Aston Martin... and a Standard Pennant!

Following on from yesterday’s test day which saw Mr Bean himself take on the BTCC as a number of drivers began preparations for September’s Revival meeting, today’s track day saw a wider variety of machinery take to the Goodwood circuit.

A fearsome black 1964 TVR Griffith 400 caught our eye early on. Being a 400 model it was originally built in the States and ran the high-performance version of Ford’s venerable V8. We’d love to give you an impression of what it sounded like, and we will. Watch this space for a rather good ‘Firing on …’

One car getting in some pre-Revival track time was Graham Robson and Hilton Persaud’s cute little 1958 Standard Pennant. ‘The motor is strong’ Hilton explains, ‘but the car feels too soft and it rolls and bounces too much really. Would you like a drive of it?’ That last part caught me somewhat off-guard. I thanked the crew and explained that I had work to do, but they insisted so I strapped myself in for a few laps. We’ll put up some footage shortly so you can judge my efforts for yourself.

Elsewhere there was a Triumph GT6, Alpine A110, Aston Martin V12 Vantage, MGA, Vauxhall Cresta, Morgan Plus 4, Smart Roadster, Ford GT40, an Aston Martin DB5 all the way from New Zealand, and a rare Cooper T38. Enjoy the gallery!

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