AUG 14th 2014

Toyota FT‑1 becomes a racer in GT Vision (with video)

The Toyota FT-1 concept car is now a GT racer… and when we say GT, we mean the PlayStation game Gran Turismo, rather than anything you’ll see at real-life race at Le Mans or Spa. It’s the latest addition to the game’s range of Vision concepts, and takes the FT-1 (virtually) to its ultimate performance extreme.

Like the original concept that made its debut at Detroit (and is also on show at Pebble Beach this week), the Vision version has been developed by Toyota’s Calty studio in California. The car’s basic shape lends itself to the wide arched and big winged racing edition or, as Calty’s president Kevin Hunter describes it in typical American parlance, being ‘bad ass’.

The car will be available to download into Gran Turismo 6 from September. Still no word on whether either the original road car or new race car concepts will go into real-world production.

The video below features key people in the development process discussing the concept, while the following links take you to previous coverage of GT Vision concepts.


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