SEP 25th 2014

Brabham returns to racing! Could it end up back in Formula One?

David Brabham, Le Mans winner and son of Sir Jack Brabham has announced that the prestigious family name will once again grace a racing car as of 2015.

The World Endurance Championship will feature a Brabham LMP2 team, with the team becoming a constructor in its own right in LMP1 in 2018. The idea is to pay for the whole project using and opensource and crowdfunding strategy which will allow interested parties to become team members, from fans to engineers or even aspiring drivers.

‘I have long dreamt of seeing the Brabham team back out on the track, winning at the highest level and continuing the legacy my father laid down when he first started the team in the ’60s,’ Brabham says. ‘Looking at the normal racing model [it] was not exciting or sustainable enough for me to rebuild the team from scratch. For me to bring Brabham back, we have to do things differently.’

The scheme would see new levels of engagement between a professional racing team and its members, which Brabham believes could harness the power of collective thinking and ‘… help Brabham become a winning team once again, but in a new and inspiring way. Who knows where that could lead? Back to Formula One, I hope.’

After 402 F1 races, 35 wins and four driver’s championships with a list of key staff which reads like a who’s-who of Grand Prix,  Brabham bowed out in 1992. How great would it be to see Brabham and Lotus back on the Formula One grid together again?




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