SEP 29th 2014

On track today: Ducktails to rollcages with Porsche Club GB

It’s barely more than a month since Porsche Club GB was at the circuit… but the rear-engined squadron is back again today. We say rear-engined squadron, but actually there are a couple of Boxsters and Caymans amongst the number…

The reality, though, is that 911s make up most of the paddock, to a far greater extent than last time. We’re not surprised to see a GT3 RS – who would buy one and not take it to a track? – but its ancestor, a 964 RS, caught our eye as a much rarer sight. So did the subtle grey Sport Classic, its ducktail spoiler and almost invisible go-faster stripes were the factory’s take on the fashion for modern retro.

It’s modern interpretations of the 911 theme that dominate today – but that doesn’t mean you won’t spot a few classics in the gallery above.

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