JAN 23rd 2015

Firing on... Six! Porsche 911 2.5 ST

The Porsche 911 ST is something of an enigma because, rather than being a model in its own right, it was a retro-fit package of upgrades for the S. The ST package was, as you’d expect of the street/track moniker, intended to be a car that you could drive to and from race meetings. It was available from 1970 to 1971, and only 49 were completed.

The car you see here wasn’t one of them, but it has been thoroughly restored by classic Porsche specialist Maxted-Page & Prill, and was upgraded to ST specification at the same time. Specific to this car is its Group 4 GT spec lightweight bodywork with flared arches to suit the 8in (front) and 9in (rear) Fuchs alloy wheels. On the day we filmed it, the 2.5-litre race engine and shorter ratio gearbox were being shaken down in readiness for a busy season of international historic race meetings in 2015.

As our camera swoops around the car picking up its details, note the third exhaust outlet; the idea of this was that the extra pipe would be covered for road use (to keep it quiet) and opened up when you arrived at the track to let the flat six engine breathe more easily.

Of course, all were open for this video – it wouldn’t be a ‘Firing on…‘ if you couldn’t hear it properly! And with the Porsche 911 range about to go all-turbocharged, with the muting effect that has on an exhaust note, we thought it was a timely occasion to remind ourselves of that distinctive horizontally-opposed soundtrack…

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