JAN 23rd 2015

Video: 'Flat‑out and Fearless' – Insane speed at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb

We feel as though we need to start with an apology. How can we have shared so many outstanding videos celebrating the 2015 Festival of Speed theme ‘Flat-out and Fearless: Racing on the Edge without yet featuring a hillclimb? Sorry about that. A hillclimb is, after all, at the heart of every FoS, so let us put that straight right away …

Shelsley Walsh is one of the oldest motorsport venues on the planet. Although the course itself is a mere 914 metres of tight, twisting Worcestershire countryside, the impression of speed as the likes of Graeme Wight, Martin Groves and Jos Goodyear go for a record time could make even the most hardened speed-freak wince on occasion.

This clip features the aforementioned Mr Goodyear making a run last year which was just fractions outside the record at 22.8 seconds. The car he used was a GWR Raptor, which resembles a contemporary single-seater car (think Formula Renault, but with much more wing) and runs a supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa motor. So, it’s very light, has a lot of downforce, super-short gearing and revs to the heavens!

While 22.8 seconds isn’t a long time for a clip, the level of entertainment provided in that short time compares to just about anything. But please, don’t take our word for it …

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