OCT 23rd 2015

Video: Flat‑Out and Fearless ‑ Epic Porsche/Audi WEC Scrap

On the off-chance that there are still motorsport fans out there who aren’t aware of just what an astonishing spectacle this year’s World Endurance Championship is, this clip is proof positive that it has provided some of the finest racing anywhere in the world.

Flat-Out and Fearless Schumacher Prost Senna

In complete contrast to Formula One, the front runners in WEC all employ drastically different technologies in their machines. But far from resulting in there being one clearly superior car that runs away with the silverware, the racing at the sharp end of the field is often about as Flat-Out and Fearless as it gets.

Here we have some action from the first round of the season at Silverstone and a royal ding-dong for the lead between Marcel Fassler in the Audi and Neel Jani in the Porsche.


The two cars could hardly be more different (the Audi burns diesel and the Porsche petrol, just for starters …) and the Porsche has a considerable advantage on the straights while the Audi holds all the cards in the corners, but still the racing, as you’ll see here, is utterly superb.

Porsche’s victory at Le Mans will not be taken lightly by the folks at Ingolstadt, so we can expect more of the same next year. Might we be in the midst of a golden age of sports car racing?

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