DEC 01st 2015

Video: Ken Block's Back – But Not As You'd Know Him

It’s been a little while since FoS star Ken Block released his last Gymkhana video, and his ‘Hoonigan’ company have been concentrating on content involving some of their other drivers of late (other than releasing a short clip of his new, and bonkers, Escort).

FoS Theme promo

So let us present to you his return in an unusual, but undeniably beautiful, short film, which depicts the former WRC star blasting his Ford Fiesta around a 75-mile stretch of Utah desert (between Capital Reef and Goblin valley for those in the know) in fabulous slow motion.

The lack of engine noise will mean that the purist may not be entirely satisfied by this seductive clip, but that does not preclude those with petrol for blood enjoying it – cars in slow motion are always gorgeous.

Ken Block

The film has been produced by American photographer Jim Mangen as a promo for his new book Blast – which ‘captures the chaos and beauty of displaced dirt’.

I more angry, rip-snorting, fire breathing Block is what you want then we have a selection of his videos here, but give this clip a go first. The visuals are stunning and while the soundtrack is a little eerie (‘like something from a bad horror film’ said an unnamed member of the GRR team) it does a very good job of drawing you into the spook clip.

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