MAY 20th 2015

Jaguar supports the Bloodhound SSC project with F‑Type R chase car

Jaguar F-Type Bloodhound

The Bloodhound SSC land speed record project needs a chase car, and Jaguar has stepped up to the mark with this eye-catching F-TYPE R.

Petty Promo Bloodhound SSC

Officially titled the F-TYPE R AWD Bloodhound SSC Rapid Response Vehicle, the car is the latest project of Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations and is wrapped in a bespoke livery created by Jaguar Design incorporating the Bloodhound SSC colours.

The F-Type’s 5.0-litre supercharged engine is the same as the unit mounted in the Bloodhound SSC itself, where it powers the hydraulic system and drives the rocket’s oxidiser pump.

As Technical Partner of Bloodhound SSC, Jaguar is supplying engines, engineering expertise and a number of support vehicles for the attempt to break the world land speed record.

We’re told the F-TYPE R AWD has already fulfilled a critical role in the development of the Bloodhound SSC with a communications test back in November 2014.

‘Fitted with the same radio equipment as the rocket powered Bloodhound SSC, the F-TYPE was driven head-to-head at top speed with a similarly equipped jet flown at 500 knots and just 20 feet above the ground. The combined closing speed of almost 700mph enabled the successful test of the system that will allow communications between the ground crew and Andy Green in Bloodhound SSC,’ says Jaguar.

If you want to see F-Type R AWD SSC RRV, it will be one of the cars lapping Coventry’s ring road at Motofest on May 30th/31st. Or you could travel to South Africa in September when the Bloodhound SSC will make its first wheeltracks in the desert.

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