AUG 04th 2015

Video: Nissan mechanic's epic helmet cam with a difference

With the rise of the GoPro, and not to forget the Tom Tom Bandit Action cameras that served us so well during the Festival of Speed, on boards and even helmet cams have become almost de rigueur in motorsports.

Nissan helmetcam Spa promo

In fact on turning up at the recent Silverstone Classic (you can see our coverage from which here) we found that our own cameras were nearly redundant, so common was it for drivers to have their own camera already on.

So it’s always a moment of great joy in the GRR office when someone takes the concept and does something new with it.

So when our friends at NISMO released this extraordinary footage from the Spa 24 Hours we had no choice but to share it with you. In it you’ll find a helmet cam being worn not by FoS star Alex Buncombe, but instead by one of Nissan’s incredibly efficient mechanics.

At around 11pm, just as the Spa 24 was settling into a rhythm, the Nissan GTR-Nismo GT3 racer (which you can see in the FoS shootout here) headed for the pits with crash damage. The mechanics rush to the aid of the stricken car, delivering us a birds-eye view while they change not just a steering arm, but a track rod end as well in just a matter of minutes.

It’s a testament not only to the incredible skill of modern mechanics, but also the brilliant engineering behind these GT3 monsters. Enjoy the video.

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