SEP 24th 2015

Video: Peugeot unveils spectacular upgraded Dakar star

The Peugeot 2008 DKR was one of the stars of this year’s Festival of Speed but, while the incredible looks turned heads on the Peugeot stand at Goodwood, in the rough terrain of South America it didn’t have it all its own way.

Chris Ward RAC TT on board Revival promo Dakar

Now Peugeot are back again with a remastered, slimmed down version of the Dakar challenger – hoping to solve the issues that held them back in 2015. The main visible improvements are the dramatic reduction in overhangs, both front and rear. Peugeot say this will help aid stability over the tough Dakar dunes, while underneath the chunky suspension has undergone a complete overhaul.

For the first time the 2008 DKR will also sit on super-lightweight magnesium wheels and special, also lighter, tyres from partners Michelin. The changes should mean that, as well as providing a more stable platform for drivers Carlos Sainz (senior) and (11-time Dakar champ) Stefan Peterhansel, the car’s downforce will be better balanced front-to-rear – a changed helped by that enormous, roof-mounted, air intake.

Of course what would an upgrade really be without squeezing a little more power from the 2008 DKR’s already impressive 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 diesel? Which is just what Peugeot have done.

Peugeot 2008 DKR Dakar

The changes have already brought success, with Peterhansel taking in intermediate version of the 2008 DKR to victory on the recent China Silk Road Rally.

Peterhansel said: ‘You can really feel the difference now that the car is longer and wider, with a lower centre of gravity, because it’s a lot more stable so cornering speeds are faster.

‘You can feel the difference in the engine as well: not only is it more powerful, but you can also use all the power even at low revs.’

But why listen to us telling you how rugged the new 2008 DKR is, when you can watch it in action in the clip above from Peugeot and partners Red Bull? Enjoy.

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