Video: IndyCar on-board... Fernando, take note!

27th April 2017
Adam Wilkins

It's fair to say that European racing fans have a blind spot when it comes to most forms of motorsport that hail from the States. From our perspective, IndyCar is very much in the shadow of Formula One... until something happens to make us take note.

That 'something' right now, of course, is the news that Fernando Alonso will skip the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix in order to race in the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500. So what better excuse for us to have a look at someone who knows his way around an IndyCar.

Enter four-time championship winner Scott Dixon. In this video, we ride on board with him at an uncharacaterstically verdant Sonoma circuit, where he laps on the limit. Fernando, are you taking notes?

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