The Clubsport 25 is the ultimate Porsche 911 track toy

06th August 2021
Ethan Jupp

“Happy Birthday, Manthey racing,” is what Porsche is saying with this, the 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25. No, there isn’t a 992 GT2 RS yet. The 991 has been exhumed once again for this limited run of specials celebrating 25 years of Manthey Racing, the privateer squad so good that Porsche bought 51 per cent of it.


Some of the Clubsport 25 remains per the original Clubsport. That means it packs a 700PS (515kW) twin-turbo 3.8-litre flat-six engine, putting power to the rear wheels via Porsche’s seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Where the Clubsport 25 differs to the standard car technically, is in a number of solutions developed between both Manthey and Porsche. This special run of 30 cars gets tech and aero from current cars and cars to come from Porsche and is a car the marque says “bridges the gap between the two 911 model Generations”. In short, it’s a Manthey, GT2 RS Clubsport, 992, 935 hybrid. In ways, it’s a sneak peek at future Porsche racing machinery, too.


A technical collaboration between the manufacturer and the team, Porsche handled the design, while Manthey developed the concept and technical ideas. The colour scheme you see here will be familiar to Manthey fans, as a nod to the famous ‘Grello’ Nürburgring car.

The Clubsport 25 borrows the central radiator concept from the GT3 R that Manthey has so effectively run in recent years. This aids in the optimisation of airflow for improved downforce and better-protects it in the event of a collision. It also allows better airflow to the front brakes now the flanks have been freed up.


A GT3 R-style frunk lid also features, helping pass hot air over the car to the rear wing. The haunches are broadened into air outlets and inlets, while also housing the wider track of the modern-day 935, compared to a normal Clubsport. There’s at there’s a new swan-neck rear wing with new side plates, that matches the widened body for width. Manthey have redesigned the diffuser, which houses a new exhaust too. The rain lights at the back are borrowed from the 992 GT3 Cup.

Racing since 1996, Manthey Racing has seven Nürburgring 24 Hour wins under its belt among numerous other accolades. The company will also prepare your RS Porsche road cars to reach their true track-attacking potential.

If you’re interested, enquiries are being accepted at Yes, really. As above, just 30 will be made with each costing just under £450,000, before local taxes. Deliveries are expected to begin in January next year.

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