Video: Screaming V8 GP cars around Misano

02nd February 2023
Ethan Jupp

With even the most extreme of road-going performance cars often being turn-key – that’s to say, you can simply jump in and fire it up – it’s easy to forget the work that goes into getting a proper racing car into its happy place before getting up and running. We’re reminded at every Goodwood event but it’s interesting to see modern-ish machinery in its native environment, being fettled ready for some time out on track.

The highly-strung V8s and V6s of these Boss GP competitors need to be warmed, with warm fluids often being pumped through them before the starter is even pushed. Then they fire into life and cycle for a few minutes, to get into their ideal operating window. This is often taking place with the wheels and bits of the bodywork off. Once out on track, these old F2 screamers sound the absolute business and honestly look like massive fun to drive. What a great option for someone looking for the Formula car experience without dealing with the running costs, risks and price of entry for an F1 car.

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Video: Screaming V8 GP cars around Misano

02nd February 2023



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