Video: This Italian rally stage is terrifying

29th August 2023

Rally Sardinia is normally an extremely hot, very dusty jaunt through the beuatiful Italian island. But not in 2023. This year something weird happened... it' rained, a lot.

Who better to conquer these difficult and unprecedented conditions than arguably the greatest rally driver of all time – Sebastien Ogier.

So as we ride onboard with the great Frenchman, who these days just rallies when he fancies it (and has still won more rounds of the WRC this season than anyone else), we get a proper showcase of exacly how to navigate the unexpected.

Another other thing to marvel at is just how narrow these stages are. Danger lurks mere inches from Ogier's Toyota GR Yaris Hybrid as he hurls his way across the highlands of this Mediterranean outcrop. It's a true showcase of real driving talent.

Just to add to the challenge of what is already an extremely physical, punishing rally, this is one of the WRC's few 50km stages. Yes, 31 full miles of getting hurled from side to side, having your spine compacted and head thrown all over the place. It takes 40 minutes, by the end of which Ogier must have been exhausted, if not physically then mentally. But does he ever show it? Of course not.

Welcome to Goodwood Elevenses, a helping of motoring-related amusement to help break up your day. Watch the last video: Formula Offroad in Iceland is by far the greatest sport on the planet

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Video: This Italian rally stage is terrifying

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