OCT 30th 2014

Chris Harris joins the team at Goodwood Road & Racing

Chris Harris

We are delighted to announce that globally-renowned journalist, presenter and part-time racer Chris Harris is joining the Goodwood Road & Racing website team.

“For a mixture of new and old, road and race, GRR will be the best destination on the web!” Chris Harris

Goodwood Road & Racing was launched this summer as a digital destination for the global community of fans of Goodwood events, including the Members’ Meeting, Breakfast Club, Festival of Speed and Revival. Along with coverage of Goodwood’s own events and other blue-chip historic motoring and motorsport events around the world, the Goodwood Road & Racing team also shares news, reviews and original insights on new supercars, luxury and sportscars, and a range of topics from the ‘luxury motoring lifestyle’ perspective.

Chris Harris joins Goodwood

Chris joins a roster of expert, insightful and entertaining contributors that also includes Andrew Frankel (historic racing competitor and journalist), Henry Hope-Frost (motor racing commentator and pundit) and Edward Legge (classic and collectible car marketplace analyst).

Our newest contributor’s role will include reviewing the most exciting and exotic supercars, sportscars and historics, sharing commentary around new video projects, and blogging about life and times as enthusiast and owner of collectible (and occasionally otherwise!) cars and motorcycles.

We also look forward to welcoming Chris onto the presenting team for our live event broadcasts, and where possible to supporting competitive drives in everything from the Supercar Run at the Festival of Speed to the RAC TT Celebration race at the Revival.

‘I think from the first moment I stepped onto the lawn at the Festival of Speed back in 2003 I’ve wanted to somehow work at Goodwood,’ says Chris. ‘It has always felt like the hub of the type of car enthusiasm I love and live my life through: inclusive, capable of celebrating the oddities in our world, but most of all fun.

‘I can’t wait to start building the Goodwood Road & Racing audience with my fellow contributors and the rest of the team. For a mixture of new and old, road and race, Goodwood Road & Racing will be the best destination on the web!’

There’ll be more from the man himself on Goodwood Road & Racing next week…

Follow Chris Harris on Twitter: @harrismonkey

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