OCT 10th 2014

Classifieds Combo: 1975 Cadillac Coupe de Ville and 1977 Learjet

For this week’s Classifieds Combo Goodwood Road & Racing is heading back Stateside for some Seventies excess. We’re talking here about Hart to Hart, Columbo, Quincy; the golden age of executive briefcases and polyester …

In 1975 Cadillac was producing some of the largest mass-production cars ever made. Its response to the 1973 oil crisis had been to enlarge its V8 engine to 8.2 litres in time for 1975 and the rest of the car’s measurements were equally enormous. Take this 1975 Coupe de Ville for example. Even as a two-door car it was over 19 feet long and 6′ 7″ wide. I actually owned a four-door for a while and it was a riot carrying seven friends in comfort on nights out. Easily the softest ride of any car I’ve ever driven, just don’t ask about steering feel or cornering …


The car you see here is a real time-warp case. It would appear to be in all-original condition and comes with the original Cadillac warranty pack, owner’s manual, and registration tags up until it was loaded on to a ship and delivered to this sceptred isle earlier this year. Just look at that brocade interior! There’s hardly a mark on it, which probably reflects the fact that its one-and-only previous keeper was an airline captain – and flyers tend to be fastidious types.

Which set us all thinking about those generic 1970s US TV shows – invariably featuring the dogged pursuit of a suave, laconic ‘white collar’ criminal as far as the hangar of a private Learjet.

learyyyy1learyyyy1It turns out that older Learjets of similar vintage to the Caddy are surprisingly affordable. To complete our retro-baddie’s vehicular combo we found this 1977 Learjet 24E which could be yours for a not-too-lofty $379,000 (£236,000).

Like the Cadillac its a relatively little-used and original example which can apparently reach 41,000 feet in 8.5 minutes! More than quick enough to keep you out of reach of that pesky Columbo and his intimidating powers of deduction. On a serious note, if three people shared the cost then each share would be ‘just’ £79,000… for a private jet! (As with buying a Spitfire there will be some rather more frightening costs attached to owning a jet, but still!)

So there you have it. The official GRR ‘Columbo combo’. All you need now is to dress yourself in lime green polyester and you’re in business …



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