OCT 24th 2014

Classifieds Combo Lottery Special: Yacht, Villa, F1 team ...

It can’t have escaped your attention that tonight (24th October) the EuroMillions lottery rollover jackpot stands at £150,000,000. Yes, you’re probably (only slightly) less likely to perform a vertical take-off than win, but admit it, you’ve thought about how you’d spend it if you won. Anyway even if you haven’t, we have, so this week’s Classifieds Combo is a EuroMillions special! 

Most importantly, you’re going to need somewhere to live. We reckon that Cannes should do the trick, and besides, it’ll be a handy location for parts two and three of this week’s combo. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at where you’ll be living. We’ve gone for THIS villa. It’s up for around £20,000,000 and sits on a rather modest 0.7 acre plot. However, you do get a 10-car garage, two swimming pools (always good to have a spare swimming pool) and seven bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms. It’s also close to the centre of Cannes as well as the beach, which leads us conveniently to the second part of the combo…

Villa euromillions cannes classifieds combo 2

With £20,000,000 of our winnings spent on our modest domicile, we would then have moored nearby the largest yacht to have been built in America since the 1930s. CAKEWALK comes with a price tag of £93,000,000, which is rather a lot, although it would make for a splendid distraction for whenever life in your £20m Cannes villa became a bit, you know, dull. For almost two-thirds of your winnings you get 280 feet of state-of-the-art ‘superyacht’ with details you have to see to believe, like a top-to-bottom spiral staircase, a grand lobby with limestone and marble floor, a pair of 3300bhp diesels, a 37-foot long custom limousine tender, a 33-foot long Riva Cento, a 35-foot long Intrepid, four Yamaha Waverunner jet-skis and a fully-equipped scuba diving room including Seabob water scooters. The list goes on… and on. Trust us, the full brochure is well worth a browse if you like your toys.

Cakewalk yacht classified combo euromillions F1 cakewalk 220141024

Cakewalk yacht classified combo euromillions F1 cakewalk 320141024

There are a few drawbacks with owning Cakewalk though. Mooring fees are likely to be somewhat on the steep side, and if you want to fill it with fuel you’re going to need – wait for it – £481,000 at 1.30 per litre… and that will get you 5000 miles before you need to fill it up again. Ouch.

Having forked-out £113,000,000 on somewhere to live and something in which to travel in style, you’re going to need a car which can bring you some income to help pay for it all. We couldn’t help but notice that Caterham F1 is in need of some cash. The team was put up for sale earlier this year for a reported £350,000,000, although now that it is in administration we imagine that they’d be happy to hear from someone with £37,000,000 to invest.

So there you have it. By this time tomorrow you could be making the necessary ‘phone calls which could see you floating in the pool of your Cannes villa, looking out at Cakewalk bobbing around in the Meditteranean and all as the part-owner of a Formula One team. The again, if you’d prefer something practical you could always buy an umbrella!

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