OCT 17th 2014

Classifieds Combo: Two E‑Types. (One needs some work!)

From the wild excess of last week’s American heavy metal combo to something altogether less shouty. Like our previous marriage of Cadillac and Learjet though, this one won’t come cheap.

At first glance the Series 1 E-Type may seem to be carrying a ‘market leading’ price at £195,000. Although early, flat-floor, external bonnet-release examples of the roadster can go for more than that it seems a bit much for a regular 1966 model, which this one isn’t.

Look closely and this car reveals itself to have been uprated in the cooling, suspension, braking and wheel departments. What’s more it would appear that said upgrades have been carried out by renowned E-Type experts Eagle. As such it represents a superior driving experience and enhanced dependability. So, not cheap then, but just look at it! It would appear to need nothing, which can’t quite be said for the second part of our latest combo.

Racked with guilt at having splurged so much of your child’s inheritance on your E-Type, you should perhaps try to claw back a few points by purchasing for them their own vintage version. You’ll need to have some bodywork done and a fresh lick of primrose paint applied before it’s presented, but like your full-sized car it should prove to be a sound investment. We’ve seen vintage pedal cars like Austin J40s go for thousands at auction, and this rare Tri-Ang E-Type is likely to be a similarly safe investment. Possibly more so…

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