OCT 22nd 2014

Conceptual art: 2011 Alfa Romeo 12C GTS

Ugur Sahin will not be an unfamiliar name to those who keep a keen eye on the world of concept cars. He’s even had the honour of seeing one of his designs make it into production in the form of the Corvette-based Soleil Anadi, although it would appear that efforts to get this stunning Alfa Romeo 12C GTS into production have come to nought, despite Sahin and his team ‘…seeking investors and potential clients with a view to producing the car in limited numbers’ at the time.

ugur sahin design alfa romeo 12c concept ferrari alfa-romeo-12c-gts-1920141022

This is a pity, because when we were looking for a subject to follow-on from last week’s Dodge Hemi Charger and saw this car we reckoned that, from some angles at least, Sahin was on to something.

ugur sahin design alfa romeo 12c concept ferrari alfa-romeo-12c-gts-220141022

The 12C GTS was a sports car concept which we reckon could have used something like the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta as its base. What a thing that would have been! Although, as is often the case with concepts, there are areas of the car which are a tad challenging, but the way the lines flow rearwards from the iconic grille and the general stance of the car we liked very much indeed.

ugur sahin design alfa romeo 12c concept ferrari alfa-romeo-12c-gts-120141022

But, alas, it was not meant to be and the 12C GTS never became anything more than a series of pretty drawings and one-or-two rather clever and realistic renderings. I might have just found something else to do with that flipping great wad of cash if I win the current EuroMillions rollover. Might base if on a Ferrari FF, though …

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