OCT 30th 2014

Ferrari Sergio confirmed for production... but all six are sold

Add another name to the list of ultra-exclusive, Ferrari-based specials to lust over; the Pininfarina Sergio, star of the 2013 Geneva Motor Show has been confirmed for a limited production run.

The Sergio, based on a 458 Spider features no windscreen, or any windows at all in fact. Instead the shape of the bodywork creates a ‘virtual windscreen’, according to Pininfarina. All the better then to hear the 570bhp V8 screaming its heart out, especially with the Sergio’s claimed 150kg weight saving over a standard 458 Spider (thanks to an all carbon-fibre body).

Ferrari Sergio

Expect that weight loss to improve performance slightly, with Pininfarina claiming a top speed of 199mph and a 0-62mph time of 3.4sec. Of course, this car’s raison d’etre will never be lining up alongside other more workaday supercars for a traffic light dust-up. As a tribute to legendary designer Sergio Pininfarina, it’s just about perfect.

Unfortunately, in the grandest Ferrari tradition, all six cars to be built have already been pre-sold to hand-picked Ferrari enthusiasts from Europe, Asia and the US. Deliveries are expected in 2015, with the price tag undisclosed.

Ferrari Sergio

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