OCT 27th 2014

Kawasaki's 300bhp Ninja gets the Gannet treatment

Gannet Kawasaki H2

Remember our friend Ulfert Janssen and his rather fetching designs which are threatening to become a reality? Well he’s been back in touch with GRR to show us his take on the utterly insane Kawasaki Ninja H2. We say ‘insane’ because in a world where upwards of 150bhp in a superbike frame means performance which few cars can match, the latest Kwaker has around 300 …

 ‘The idea was to create a “de-Batman-ised” design, but still keep a lot of attitude.’ Ulfert says of his latest Gannet Studios creation. We’d say that he can claim success on both counts. By removing the original Kawasaki fairing he has left the gorgeous trellis frame out in the open to be admired and the result is breathtaking. 

‘We created a rugged design with some retro detailing, but at the same time modern surfaces and volumes,’ Ulfert explains. A fresh tank design and subframe (to support the tail section) integrates into the original trellis, while the lower fairing is a ‘loose reference’ to the H2 racer of the early seventies.

We are huge fans of Gannet’s work and the addition of the H2 to the rest of the design stable we showed you recently has made it even harder for us to pick a favourite. I think we’d still go for the Moto Guzzi… just, but we have a hunch that when one of the designs makes it in to production others will shortly follow.

 See more on gannetdesign.com.

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