OCT 13th 2014

Motoring legends on canvas

Remember those stunning motorbike designs we showed you last week? We were taking a closer look at the artifst Ulfert Janssen’s website when we spotted a link to something called Speedster Gallery . It turns out that the ‘site belongs to a friend of his called Markus Haub and the work on there is absolutely stunning. How could we not bring you a closer look?

Porsche 917Porsche 917

Like Janssen, Haub is another German native in love with vehicles and their form. He worked on design projects for Audi, VW, Seat, Lamborghini and Bentley before moving to Barcelona and taking up various projects for Renault. It was whilst in the Catalan capital that he began to develop his artistic skills. As you can see from his work here, we’d say that he’s got the hang of it.


Haub has now made Barcelona his home and from there he produces his work, be they commissions or just something he wanted to paint for himself. The bulk of his work focuses on sports and racing cars from the 60s and 70s which he depicts by using a mixture of photography and both digital and manual techniques. We’re not going to pretend that we understand exactly what he’s doing, we just know that it’s a gorgeous way to show some motoring legends.

Maserati Tipo61Maserati Tipo61

His work is hung in galleries across the world, and although it did come to the AAF Art Fair in London last year, for now  you’ll have to make-do with what you see here and www.speedstar-gallery.com. I think we need to get this guy along to next year’s Revival!

Porsche 911 SingerPorsche 911 Singer



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