OCT 03rd 2014

Paris Motor Show: DS Divine

DS Divine

Citroën has finally split the DS brand from its more pain et beurre line-up in Divine style with a new concept. It’s been threatening to go it alone with the DS brand for a while now, and the success of the DS 3, DS 4 and DS 5 (note, now with spaces in their names…), and plenty of eye-catching concepts pointing to a glittery, mad future suggest that the time is indeed, right.

The Divine is suitably left field, not least as it sports the same 270hp 1.6-litre turbocharged engine that powers Peugeot’s RCZ R coupé. However, it’s not the drivetrain that attracts the most attention; no, that’ll be the reptile-influenced bodywork; the riotous surface treatment is truly extraordinary even if it does have shades of the SEAT Leon at the back.

Inside, the DS offers lots of customisation via various ‘dress codes’. All a bit silly then, but why not? Like the gold-coloured wheels on a DS 3 Racing I spotted…

DS Divine

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