OCT 03rd 2014

Paris Motor Show: Honda Civic Type‑R

A manual gearbox, 280hp, and a ‘+R’ mode: Honda’s hotly anticipated Civic Type R’s specification confirms that everything is good within the famously engineering-led firm. After a period of no Type R models in Europe the Civic is due to arrive back in UK showrooms during 2015 – with a bang. And it seems that nobody minds that it’s not naturally aspirated.

That manual transmission matters though, Honda saying it has been specified to maximise driver involvement. That +R mode changes the mapping for a sharper response, while Honda’s chassis engineers have incorporated a mechanical kingpin based system to reduce torque steer. Certain to be mighty, it’s got outlandish looks to match its promised performance, which Honda states is higher than any R product before it – and yes, that includes the NSX. It certainly looks pretty senior up close and personal.

Honda Civic Type-R

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