OCT 03rd 2014

Paris Motor Show: Jaguar XE

We didn’t think Jaguar could talk much more about its BMW 3 Series rival, the XE, but the British company got down to business in Paris by detailing the full line-up and telling us that it’ll cost from £26,995. Most buyers will be interested in the 99g/km diesel, but this is GRRC, so…

Ian Callum himself (Jag’s design boss) told us that we should be excited about driving this car, not because of his design (which, believe me, looks fantastic in daylight – if not in some of the over-processed official photographs), but because of the rear-drive chassis and of course the range-topping V6 S model. Complete, we’re told, with an F-Type aping exhaust cacophony – albeit it all at a price (£44,870 to be exact). Bring it on.

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