OCT 03rd 2014

Paris Motor Show: Peugeot Quartz

The home teams are playing hard in Paris, and Peugeot’s arguably got the most interesting line-up of sporting propositions. There’s all the fuss around the 208 GTi 30 and the warmed up 308 GT, but this crazy-looking Quartz SUV concept is what was drawing the biggest crowds on the stand (even if it took me five minutes to actually find the thing the stand is so big).

Outlandish looks aside, it’s blessed with a 500hp hybrid drivetrain, featuring the same 1.6-litre turbocharged 270hp petrol engine as the RCZ R allied to a 85kW electric motor (115hp to you and me). Not only does the electric drive element power the front wheels, but it assists with gearchanges too. As if that’s not enough there’s another 85kW motor at the back, helping the Quartz perform like an off-road sports car.

Pure concept details include a futuristic looking cockpit with touch-sensitive surfaces, head-up displays and satnav-adjusted pneumatic suspension. The Quartz is unlikely to reach production in this form, but its styling almost certainly will feature on future SUV crossover models in the French firm’s range.

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